Seasonal Home Maintenance Guide

Your home needs different maintenance operations performed depending on the season, so let’s look into some of the home maintenance you can perform to keep your home in good shape.

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Autumn is usually the perfect time to take care of maintenance and start projects, as the weather is usually nice and cool and rain won’t delay your scheduled plans as much. You’ll want to have some professional servicing companies in mind, as you may not be able to handle every task on your own. For example, when it comes to electrical repairs fairfax, such as replacing worn out or frayed wiring, you can avoid injuries and accidents by having an expert on-hand.


During the winter, it’s important to keep things clean so that they function properly. Inspect the gutters and roof of the home, empty drip trays, clean out drains and dishwashers, and cover up your air conditioning unit.


On top of the usual spring cleaning that homeowners typically perform when the weather changes, you’ll also want to keep some specific maintenance tasks in mind. Inspect the roofing for leaks and damages, change the filters of air conditioners, and clean off windows and screens for doors. You should also remove any debris that has built up in gutters, replace the batteries in emergency alarms and smoke detectors, and have your septic tank inspected.


When summer comes, it can seem mundane to perform home maintenance when there’s so much to do and explore outdoors. However, you can get through summer maintenance quickly and get back to the fun. Remove lint from dryer vents, replace faucets and washers if they are worn out, and prune any shrubbery you have on your property. You should also put oil on the chains and hinges of doors, including your garage door.

Now that you have a better idea of what maintenance tasks you should perform throughout the year, you can avoid some of the common issues that residential homeowners face by taking preventative steps.